Jamie Foy

  • 17-OCT-2022


  • Skateboarding

In just a few years Jamie Foy established himself as a true skateboard professional after winning the “Ams getting paid” contest, as a virtual unknown, in 2016. Just a year later, in 2017, Foy was crowned Thrasher Magazine’s Skater of the Year. S.O.T.Y. as it's known, is skateboarding's highest honor. Originally from Deerfield Park, Florida, Jamie has circled the globe on his board and is most recognized for his fearless approach skating massive handrails and obstacles. Since receiving the S.O.T.Y.

award Jamie hasn’t slowed down, producing numerous video parts, while helping define a new era of skateboarding. Foy continues to find success competing amongst the world's best in top skateboard contests, most recently winning the Silver Medal in Skateboard Street and the Gold Medal in Skateboard Best Trick at the 2021 X-games .


  • 2017 Thrasher Skater of the Year
  • 3rd in Copenhagen Open: Jarmers Plads Ledge and Manny Pad 2021
  • 1st in Copenhagen Open: Independent Longest Rail 2021
  • 2nd in Copenhagen Open: Skatepark Mens Finals 2021
  • 2nd in Red Bull Solus Mens 2021
  • 1st in Tampa Pro Best Trick 2021
  • 1st in Tampa Pro Best Trick 2022
  • 1st in Tampa Pro Street FInals 2022
  • 2nd in Copenhagen Open: Skatepark Finals Men 2022
  • 2nd in X Games Summer Real Street Best Trick 2022
  • 1st in X Games Summer Street Best Trick 2022