Kendall Ellis

  • 28-NOV-2022

  • USA


  • Track & Field - 400M

Kendall graduated from USC at the top of her sport and one of the best sprinters in the U.S., however it took her some time to find a sponsor. In addition to her fast times on the track Kendall is now working toward an MBA and her passion for giving back is still very important to her, she has volunteered at the West Pembroke Pines Optimist Track Club as well as with children at the Coaching Corps. In addition Kendall is an advocate for women's equality in sports and as well as mental health.


  • 2017 world championships 1st (4x400m)
  • 2017 USA outdoor track & field championships 3rd (400m)
  • 2018 Indoor NCAA Champion (400m)
  • 2018 USA outdoor track & field championships 3rd (400m)
  • 2019 USA outdoor track & field championships 2nd (400m)
  • 2020 Tokyo Olympic 4x400 Mixed Relay Bronze Medalist


  • Mary Lawton
    Global PR Manager
    United States
  • Joanna Howarth
    PR Senior Manager
    United States