Margie Didal

  • 28-NOV-2022

  • Philippines


  • Skateboarding

Margie Didal discovered skateboarding at 12 years old, working as a street vendor next to the the now- closed “Concave Park” in Cebu, Philippines. After given a hand me down board from the locals, Margie quickly became noticeably better than most of the other boys at the skatepark. Margie's parents were initially skeptical of her pursuing a career in skateboarding but later supported her decision. In just a few short years later Margie is the Philippines first gold medalist in skateboarding and is ready to challange the world.


  • 2018 GOLD medal 2018 Asian Games
  • 2019 South East Asian Games GOLD medalist for 2 categories
  • 2019 Philippine Athlete of the Year
  • 3rd Place Tampa Pro Women’s Open
  • 1st Place Philippine National Championship Skateboarding: Street
  • The Berrics Ladies Day, LA: Best Trick: Winner
  • 2020 Tampa Pro Women's Finals 3rd
  • 2020 Tokyo Olympics (Women's Street) 7th


  • Mary Lawton
    Global PR Manager
    United States
  • Joanna Howarth
    PR Senior Manager
    United States