• 29-JUN-2015


#Seemyrun US

As proud members of the international running community, we have been inspired by the amazing photos and videos that runners around the world have submitted through our #seemyrun campaign over the last two years, so in celebration of National Running Day in the U.S., we are taking things one step further. We have reimagined the Instagram platform to create an interactive experience that allows users to explore epic running locations captured on camera by everyone from Team New Balance athletes to every day runners from around the world.  

Ever wonder what it’s like to go for a run in Antarctica? How about the deserts of Tunisia? We now invite you to see for yourself through our new #seemyrun Instagram experience.

Users begin their journey on the @see_my_run Instagram account but where they go from there is completely up to them. Through the experience, users can discover and browse user-generated running photos and videos from all seven continents and more than 20 countries. Once inspired, runners everywhere are encouraged to lace up and join the experience by tagging their own running shots with #seemyrun for a chance to be added to the experience. This new #seemyrun Instagram experience will go live today at 10AM but we wanted to give you access to if before that happens, please follow this link on your smartphone http://instagram.com/see_my_run and then click “View more in Instagram” at the bottom to explore running around the world before it launches!

We are proud to continue celebrating the universal spirit of the international running community through this new #seemyrun Instagram experience and can’t wait to see where runners take us next. Please let me know if you would like to speak with the head of New Balance Digital or if you any other questions.