• 21-MAY-2020

Boston, MA (May 21, 2020) – For the second year in a row, New Balance Athletics, Inc. is supporting GLSEN, a United States based organization focused on championing LGBTQ+ issues for elementary through high school students. As part of a new multi-year relationship, New Balance has committed to donating $100,000 over two years to directly support GLSEN’s “Changing the Game” program which is designed to create safe spaces in locker rooms and on-field. In addition to a donation, New Balance will be using its global platform to help further GLSEN’s mission and give visibility to its efforts.

“As a global company that recognizes the importance of diversity and inclusion, New Balance Athletics, Inc. is proud to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community around the world,” says Ian Fitzpatrick, Global Director of Brand Marketing and Operations. “We believe in creating a level playing field and removing obstacles and barriers to play for ALL athletes.”

Funding from New Balance will support a 2020 refresh of GLSEN’s “Changing the Game” program which was originally developed in 2011 to help create inclusive, encouraging, and safer spaces for student-athletes. This program’s mission is to assist schools in the US in creating and maintaining an athletic and physical education climate that is based on the core principles of respect, safety and equal access for all students, teachers, and coaches regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression and integrating these efforts into overall school plans to ensure a safe, respectful school climate and culture.

The Changing the Game program offers digital resources (webinars and other tools), training, and an ambassador program focused on the tenets of three P’s: Participation, Practice, and Play. In 2020, at least 250 educators will receive this training either in person or digitally, which will impact more than 200 schools. New Balance athletes will also receive a condensed version of this training as Team NB athletes can play a pivotal role in creating safe locker room environments. New Balance leadership and associates will also participate in the training.

GLSEN has organizational partners in more than 30 countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific and provides technical assistance in addressing the needs of LGBTQIA+ students in their own countries. Digital training for the “Changing the Game” program - via webinars and other tools - will be made available through GLSEN and its partners around the world this summer.


GLSEN exists to create safe and inclusive schools for all, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, and/or gender expression because no child should have to choose between their wellbeing and an education. Each year, GLSEN programs and resources reach millions of students and educators in K-12 schools, via action at the national, state, and local level. Over three decades of work, GLSEN has improved conditions for LGBTQ students across the United States and launched an international movement to address LGBTQ issues in education and promote respect for all in schools. Find more information on GLSEN’s policy advocacy, student leadership initiatives, school-based programs, research, and professional development for educators at

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