• 29-JUN-2015

New Balance Corporate Fact Sheet



James (Jim) S. Davis, Chairman                                                    Anne Davis, Vice Chairman & Executive VP Administration

Robert DeMartini, President and CEO                                            John E. Larsen, President Emeritus/Advisor

John Withee, Exec. Vice President and CFO                                 David Crosier, Exec. Vice President, Value Chain

Alan Hed, Executive Vice President, International                         Joe Preston, Exec. VP, Global Product             

Jonathan Ram, Executive Vice President, N. American Sales      Chris Ladd, Exec. VP Direct to Consumer        

John Wilson, Executive Vice President Manufacturing                 Paul Gauron, Exec. V.P. & General Counsel      

Deirdre Fitzgerald, Vice President, Apparel                                  Peter Zappala, Vice President, Specialty Sales

Edith Harmon, VP, Research and Design, Kids & Wellness         Bill Hayden, Vice President Finance                 

Paul Heffernan, Vice President, Consumer Experiences              Kevin Holian, Vice President, Global Logistics & Planning

Christine Madigan, Vice President, Responsible Leadership       Joan McGrail, Vice President, Corp. Human Resources

Duncan Scott, Vice President, External Products                        Tom Carleo, Vice President, Running/Outdoor

Stephanie Smith, Vice President Retail                                       Ray Hilvert, Vice President, Sports Marketing

Matt LeBretton, Vice President Public Affairs                           


Demonstrating responsible leadership, we build global brands that athletes are proud to wear, associates are proud to create and communities are proud to host.
Founded by William Riley in 1906 as the New Balance Arch Company, in Boston, MA, New Balance manufactured arch supports and orthopedic shoes.  New Balance made its first pair of running shoes in 1938, and during the 1950s and 60s, athletes increasingly turned to the company for customized running shoes due to New Balance's unique expertise in handcrafting specialized footwear.  Paul Kidd bought the company in 1956 and increased the shoe-making sector as demand grew.  Production of running shoes soon became the company's primary source of business.  The New Balance "Trackster,” one of the first running shoes made, grew very popular not only because of its technical innovation, but because it was available in a wide range of widths.  In 1972, New Balance was purchased by current Chairman, James (Jim) S. Davis.  Four years later, the New Balance 320 running shoe was rated number one on the market, which launched the company into worldwide prominence.  Since then, New Balance has diversified into making a complete range of athletic and lifestyle footwear as well as performance and lifestyle apparel and accessories for athletes around the world.
In 1998, NBAS, Inc. acquired the Dunham brand to expand into the men’s casual footwear arena.  In 2001, NBAS, Inc. acquired the PF Flyers brand to pursue the lifestyle market and new product was introduced in Spring 2003.  A brand-new comfort performance footwear brand, Aravon®, was introduced at retail in Spring 2004.  In early 2004, NB, Inc. acquired Warrior Lacrosse, widely recognized as the world’s most cutting edge manufacturer of lacrosse equipment, after introducing the Warrior “Burn” by New Balance lacrosse shoe.  In 2005, Innovative Hockey was acquired to operate as a new division called Warrior Hockey.  In August 2006, NB, Inc. acquired Brine, Inc., a recognized industry leader in soccer, lacrosse, field hockey and volleyball.  NBAS, Inc. announced in December of 2007 that it had acquired the Vital Apparel Group, one of the leading active apparel companies in the United States.  In 2008, New Balance opened a state-of-the-art Sports Research Lab in their Lawrence, MA facility. The Lab focuses on technology and product testing, innovation research and education. 
New Balance holds the distinction as the only major athletic shoe company that currently manufactures footwear in the U.S.  New Balance makes or assembles more than 4 million pairs of athletic footwear per year in the USA, which represents a limited portion of our US sales. Where the domestic value is at least 70%, we label our shoes Made in the USA.  The company owns and operates five factories in New England as well as a manufacturing facility in Flimby, U.K. that services the European market with Made in the U.K. footwear.
Throughout the years, New Balance has maintained the same principles it was founded upon: superior customer service, a strong commitment to American workers and domestic manufacturing, and leadership in product fit and technological innovation.  Please visit www.newbalance.com for more information.


New Balance

Footwear & Apparel for men, women and kids

Global Business Units: Running, Field of Play, Women’s, Lifestyle, Football

New Balance licensed products       

Brand Accessory Group– performance sport and active casual bags; running accessories

Gold Toe/Moretz Sports – performance technology socks

Hickory Brands – shoelaces, shoe care, and recovery gear

Highgear/Implus –sports monitors

Klone Lab – sandals and golf footwear                                                



Casual Performance Footwear for men                       

Licensed products - SampCo-Dunham work boots

PF Flyers

Lifestyle Footwear


Comfort Performance Footwear for women

Cobb Hill

Comfort lifestyle footwear for women

Warrior Sports

Lacrosse and hockey equipment, apparel, footwear and accessories


Soccer, lacrosse, field hockey and volleyball equipment, apparel, footwear and accessories


Boston, MA – 637 associates                     Lawrence, MA – 752 associates                                      Norway, ME – 171 associates

World Headquarters for New Balance        World Design Center: R&D, Process & Industrial             Manufacturing: Lasting to Packing

and PF Flyers                                             Engineering, Purchasing/Procurement,                             Factory Store (Oxford, ME)

Manuf: Bipol/Polyurethane/Desma             Manufacturing: Cut/Stitch/Last & Pack

Factory Stores                                             Raw Materials/Finished Goods/Warehouse

Sports Research Lab

Distribution Center

Factory Store


Skowhegan, ME – 332 associates                Norridgewock, ME – 405 associates                     St. Louis, MO – 203 associates

Manufacturing: Cut/Stitch/Last & Pack          Manufacturing: Cut/Stitch/Last & Pack                  ShopNewBalance.com    

Raw Material/Finished Goods/Warehouse    Raw Materials/Finished Goods                              Customer Service, Warehouse

Factory Store                                                                                                                                Creative Services, Web Development, Buying, Support

Warrior Sports – 509 associates                                      Other U.S. Factory Stores– 390 associates

Warrior Sports/Brine Headquarters                                  Corporate Retail Stores – 49 associates

Office and Warehouse (Boston/Warren, MI)                     U.S. Field Reps – 148 associates

Warrior International                                                          DryDock (Dunham, Aravon, Cobb Hill) – 33 associates


Total number of U.S. Manufacturing/DC associates: 1,268

*Number of Manufacturing Associates at Flimby, U.K. facility: 200

Total number of US associates: 3,265

Total number of International associates: 1,841

Total Number of Global associates Worldwide: 5,106

2010 ANNUAL SALES                                    2011 ANNUAL SALES                                    2012 ANNUAL SALES

Domestic         $1.08 billion                            Domestic         $1.09 billion                             Domestic         $1.18 billion

Worldwide        $1.78 billion*                          Worldwide        $2.04 billion*                         Worldwide        $2.39 billion*

2013 ANNUAL SALES                                    2014 ANNUAL SALES

Worldwide        $2.73 billion*                        Worldwide        $3.3 billion*

*includes estimated sales by joint ventures and distributors

The New Balance Foundation

Established in 1981, the New Balance Foundation has served a deeply held mission: to support charitable organizations whose humanitarian efforts work for the betterment of our children and communities. The heart of our focus is the prevention of childhood obesity.  For more information, please visit www.newbalancefoundation.org.


  • Jennifer Keddy
    Global PR Manager
    United States
  • Mary Lawton
    Global PR Manager
    United States
  • Amy Dow
    Director Public Relations and Government Affairs
    United States
  • Caitlin Wholey
    Global PR Coordinator
    United States
  • Kate Tetitick
    Associate PR Manager
    United States
  • Kate Tetirick
    Global PR Manager
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