• 29-JUN-2016

~~BOSTON, DECEMBER 2015 – This spring, Boston-based New Balance will evolve into a new world of cool with the introduction of the Vazee Breathe, headliner of the Breathe collection. This three model collection has been finely crafted to reduce the impact of heat, friction and irritation for those runners who won’t let hot temperatures get in the way. The Vazee Breathe will launch in April 2016 with a suggested retail price of $89.95.

Release the speed and embrace the heat with the brand new Vazee Breathe, which aims to add a cool breeze to hot weather running.  A carefully designed, perforated upper with breathable overlays allow perspiration to escape in the most needed areas.  High rebound foam merges with our innovative sole technology that contains a heat reflective film in the sole between the foot and the ground. Altogether the Vazee Breathe is designed to take runners to new speeds in an incredibly comfortable ride, regardless of the spiking temperatures.

The innovation in the upper that led to the Vazee Breathe is carried over and applied to two existing models. The Breathe collection makes its way to the award-winning Fresh Foam Zante by applying the highly perforated material package, from the upper of the Vazee Breathe, taking this update to the next level of ultimate cool comfort.  The collection is complete with the Vazee Prism Breathe, the light weight moderate stability shoe complete with the same cooling features as the Breathe collection upper. Both styles will launch alongside the Vazee Breathe with a suggested retail price of $99.95.

Run fast, run smooth and run cool with the Vazee Breathe as runners explore the latest offering in intelligent design and innovation. The Breathe collection provides an array of running shoes designed to encourage athletes to break through new limits.  Never settling, always innovating, New Balance is constantly driving to new levels of performance, speed and comfort. 

About New Balance
New Balance, headquartered in Boston, MA has the following mission: Demonstrating responsible leadership, we build global brands that athletes are proud to wear, associates are proud to create and communities are proud to host. New Balance is the only major company to make or assemble more than 4 million pairs of athletic footwear per year in the USA, which represents a limited portion of our US sales. Where the domestic value is at least 70%, we label our shoes Made in the USA. New Balance owns five factories in New England and one in Flimby, U.K. New Balance employs more than 5,000 associates around the globe, and in 2014 reported worldwide sales of $3.3 billion. To learn more about New Balance, please visit